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Mapsettoolkit Cannot Remove A Mapset


Also, if you have problems with installing a mapset, try right-clicking on the program and choosing "Run As Administrator"; Windows crappy security system sometimes blocks programs from modifying the Windows registry, yes, your filename is not 8 caracters numeric (filename 8.3 DOS format) . Check that there are no errors on other maps installed.3 4. New version available of MapSetToolKit (1.61 Beta). - FIX: convert product to families error. - FIX: MapSetToolKit crash. - FIX: Installed mapset combobox error. have a peek at this web-site

Download a new version here: http://cypherman1.googlepages.com Cypherman Back to top of the page up there ^ #33 cypherman Geocacher Group: Members Posts: 72 Joined: 28-May 05 Posted 10 December 2008 I don't think that is very nice!! Thanks for your suggestion. Nice job, I envy you tech guys that have the ability to create such useful products.

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The good version is now available. Flap Hi Flap! Chose a 4-digit "Product Code" number ("8765" in this example); the only limitation is that it not conflict with any other product codes (which are displayed in the "Uninstall Mapset" box Copyright 2008-2016 GPS Power .

I bought a nuvi 265wt last April and installed the software on my computer. If the IMG was compiled w/ mkgmap, follow the "Map has TDB file" part of the tutorial. Back to top of the page up there ^ #26 cypherman Geocacher Group: Members Posts: 72 Joined: 28-May 05 Posted 15 July 2007 - 10:20 AM GeoidPS, on Jul 15 Mapsettoolkit Exe Will someone please point this confused soul to a link for v 1.61 ?

The good version is now available. I watched the tutorial and it seems straightforward but its not working. Any sugeestions? http://freegeographytools.com/2007/adding-garmin-img-files-to-mapsource Regards, Cypherman Cypherman, She's working great!!

I was sucessfull to get a french topo guide on my PC with Mapsource. Cgpsmapper What do you think the problem could be? The filename is taken from the ID field in the mp file. 3. Flap Hi Flap!

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His email is listed on his website. see this here Assigned a name to the mapset, "London" 6. Mapsettoolkit Download But i would like to note that i pulled my hair out trying to do this on my desktop which runs VISTA, however when i used my laptop which runs XP Mapsettoolkit 1.62 Download Any sugeestions?

I do have a copy of img2gps.exe. .:Home .:Custom Maps .:Tutorials .:Image Hosting .:Tools .:Forums User: Pass: | Register Welcome, Guest. Big hug from the pyrenees!!! However, when I try to download the map to my GPS (Garmin etrex) I only get the overall map, not the detailled topo map. Convert Garmin Img To Mapsource

I will let you know!!! The good version is now available. Download and Install cgpsmapper free (maptk won't work anymore). Login Now: Remember Me? Welcome guest, is this your first visit?

Then you can upload the map set to the GPS receiver. Gmaptools Select the folder you made in step 18. In the "Uninstall Mapset" section, there's now a new listing for the added map.

Vista 32 bits and xp place the key at the same place.

FWIW, nRoute isn't the only thing that will crash when you try to intstall a mkgmap compiled map w/ cgpsmapper. Click the "Create Account" button now to join. Any sugeestions? Add Maps To Mapsource You can enter copyright info if appropriate, but it's not required here 8.

Thanks again. When I browse to the correct folder and click OK, nothing shows up in the Source IMG Files box. You don't need any other program to send your TYP file in your GPSr if your PRODUCT CODE and FID in your TYP file is the same as in step 11 I just did not zoom enough.

openmtbmap_atd) "Family ID" - set any number between 100 and 9999. I can't add anything to the Selected IMG Files box. MapSource/BaseCamp and nRoute all use the same registry settings. In MapEdit, the output stays open until you click "Close" so it's real easy to review where the error is.

I already asked for it on Navteq and DS Solutions but the cost is really expensive (USD$22,000 a year) so searching through the internet I found that I can download Destinator When I browse to the correct folder and click OK, nothing shows up in the Source IMG Files box. The best program I've found to do this is MapSet Toolkit; you'll also need the map compiling program cgpsmapper, free for creating basic maps for personal use. Running with administrator rights does the job perfectly!Odd quirk though, isn't it - when it instals it, it doesn't ask to modify the registry, only on removal.

I avoid these problems by sticking with the older versions of MapSet Toolkit (1.50) and cgpsmapper (0096c); you can download them from links on this page: http://moagu.com/?page_id=8 13 tilusnet Leszek, Thank You can send multiple map files (see the previous section for naming requirements) into one Mapset (with any name you like). Cypherman Bob Morphew, on Apr 7 2009, 12:20 PM, said: Cypherman - We are trying to trackdown an error when installing a mapset to Mapsource with MapsetToolkit. Hello Cypherman, I have downloaded your latest version, but I can't get it to open my folder that stores the .img maps.

One in the ways of making would be can be not to modify your maps, but rather to add your new map 24K in the files gmapsupp.img. This level/zoom is used for the overview map (global map). When I browse to the correct folder and click OK, nothing shows up in the Source IMG Files box.