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Maplestory Download Cannot Load Game Data


i did ricxx12.08.2011, 13:38Thank you very much :DD now i can play ms agaiin Zomgg dobber1112.08.2011, 14:12it doesn´t work for me either :'( Makazix12.08.2011, 14:59If it is not there you need Thanks :) sorry if this is slightly off topic This post has been edited by 5t3v3 (2011/08/12 11:50) This one isn't on the bug list. So what now???/ pleibooi115.08.2011, 11:56Ok, what helped for me was to reinstall the game after deleting everything, so delete Maple eu trough configure --> software etc ... Then i redowloaded the patcher and tried to start maple... http://usableflash.com/nexon-launcher/maplestory-game-launcher-cannot-find-installation-path.php

i think they should extend the event or something :( i had the same problem b4 in the last pmd i couldnt play for 3 weeks i still have 15 solo Ping will send ICMP Echo Request to the server, and the server will reply with ICMP Echo Reply. To begin this process first, run the Nexon Launcher by clicking on its icon. i can come in but after the movie then the computer is exit maplestory so there pop up MyKeyDefense: Intalization Error(0x32A41009) plizz help me mods Kaninapa20.08.2011, 17:37Error I get this error

Maplestory Nexon Launcher Not Working

hakhak211.08.2011, 18:39hiyazzz, i have no problm getting in the game, but when im online for about 2/3 minutes, its says (4 times in a row) : unable to connect to the If there is no Maplestory.exe running it means that something else is using Maplestory which means it cannot be updated. Cause the magic doesnt work for me. Can I run maple with this cause it gives me error code: -2147467259 and somebody said, that I have to update it and DirectX.

This again!? Hope it works for everyone else too. f4 This post has been edited by Zineth (2011/08/11 06:54) 666tsatan11.08.2011, 21:59Patch thingie doesn't work... Maplestory Can't Create Character Check out our guild listings here Check out our Wiki for more information http://www.reddit.com/r/Maplestory/wiki/ Subreddit Rules created by PearlJama community for 6 yearsmessage the moderatorsMODERATORSPHETZModaxelhanssonThatWasMyKilBeraZelkovaZelkovaNCBedellModGrammarBeImportantModicephoenix21ModAutoModeratorSlatymateJett GodDSdavidDSScania...and 1 more »discussions in /r/Maplestory<>X22 points · 10 comments If you

Is this just an issue with the game? Nexon Launcher Wont Open Maplestory Update it to the latest version and try again: •Nvidia GeForce Graphics Card Driver •AMD Graphics Card Driver •Realtek Audio Driver BLACK CIPHER ISSUES [+] NGS ERROR 0xD1800101 •Download and overwrite my day just doesn't want to get better140 points · 10 comments MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. http://nexoncommunitytech.wikia.com/wiki/Error!_Cannot_Load_Game_Data How can i fix this?

zumimotosan12.08.2011, 01:11Hello I got this error today: C:/Programme/NEXONMapleStoryEurope/HShield/Update/patch/39/ahn.ui and that i should do CHKDSK; i foolowed instructions but ahnlab still send me this error Im new to this game and all Nexon Maplestory please help This post has been edited by zegdisco (2011-08-19 10:31) Goggly20.08.2011, 00:27Yeah hi again i think. Nexon better fix this or they will lose so many of their players or soon to be players #4 SpicyMoffin View Profile View Posts Jun 22, 2013 @ 4:53pm I fixed go to this link http://www.mediafire.com/?v5hhlk4ktr2k265 this is the patcher dont run it click save, but save it somewhere other than maple for now ( the reason i say this is because

Nexon Launcher Wont Open Maplestory

In addition, the game depends on the speed at which the game data is updated, we recommend that you use a fast connection (eg. https://www.reddit.com/r/Maplestory/comments/1dj0a3/maplestory_not_starting_solution/ NEXON you can really nothing? Maplestory Nexon Launcher Not Working same error again. Maplestory Loading Data Please Wait Copyright 2002-2013.

any help will be appreciated! PS. If you use other methods to play your Nexon Games and are experiencing issues we recommend you uninstall your current version of the game and then download the Nexon Launcher and I found Patcher.exe and it was there all the time... Download Maplestory

I would try to install the game but before it installs it says "Error Cannot Load Game Data" Right after it downloaded it would say this. bennetje2215.08.2011, 05:39I didn't have the patcher.exe folder.... Any help? Source Reply With Quote BitBox 07-20-2012,04:05 AM 5 fighterboy34 View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Blog Entries View Articles Log Out Of User Join Date Jul 2012 Posts 3

Femke This post has been edited by 1992lol (2011-08-11 02:07) This post has been edited by 1992lol (2011-08-11 02:08) 601010011.08.2011, 17:17Am I wrong, or there's same situation like on the morning? Ngs Initialization Error Good luck guys. What happened was that Maplestory crashed and I got a pop up that said: MyKeyDefense: Initialization Error (0x32A41009) Help would be highly appreciated since I wasted $100 on nx cash the

INSTALLATION ISSUES [+] UNABLE TO RUN INSTALLER / APP CANNOT RUN ON YOUR PC •Check if the computer meets the game’s recommended settings. •Your computer might have restricted the setup file

Oliwimse12.08.2011, 21:11I reinstalled the game but now, for some reason, I cant download the Phatcher o-o when I click on "download" it just send me into endless circle of reclicking... http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/news/current/00FwK get all the parts put it all in a empty folder and install it simple. This made it work again. Maplesea lovesolaris13.08.2011, 18:10so i downloaded the maplestory inno set-up and ran it but when it started patching it stops at a specific moment and says :Gr2D_DX9.dll file is corrupted what to do

Zineth11.08.2011, 21:53My maple Dc me, after of 5 min aprox.. Oct 09 2011 BobR Level 163 Windia F/P Arch Mage Make sure you have at least 10GB free space on your C: drive before you download the MSSetupv101.exe file. sennehendrik13.08.2011, 18:19so i downloaded the maplestory inno set-up and ran it but when it started patching it stops at a specific moment and says :Gr2D_DX9.dll file is corrupted what to do Somehow I fail to download the current one, not matter which browser I'm using.

It looked like maplestory was loading at first, but then it just closed down. I am very disappointed in your work. PROBLEM SOLVED..... Sthlbrg11.08.2011, 18:38Works like a charm, just followed you steps!

Therefore, you may also experience lag if your own internet provider is taking a roundabout route to connect to our servers. •Distance - The further you are away from our servers, Its just downlaoding the game and launching it from steam they have to fix. Once it is complete the normal play button will return and you may launch the game normally. i dont know how to do that?