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John McCain supported the war while Barack Obama opposed it (Obama's early and strong opposition to the war helped him stand out against the other Democratic candidates during the primaries, as And then there is the vice presidential half of the ticket to fill. President before election George W. In 2007, Guam's legislature voted to move the straw poll up to September to draw attention to the choices of Guam's population and their continued disfranchisement,[187] but the governor vetoed the have a peek at this web-site

Many Republicans are not enamored of the Arizona Senator, of course. The Congressional GOP is not on the upswing as a minority party, ready to seize back power in 2010 or 2012. His health care plan proposed creating a National Health Insurance Exchange that would include both private insurance plans and a Medicare-like government run option. August 25–28, 2008: 2008 Democratic National Convention, held in Denver, Colorado.

Obama may be able to float like a butterfly but he also stings like one. stephjmort 45,720 views 14:06 John McCain Slams Fox's Kilmeade for Objecting to 'Allahu Akbar': Like 'Christian Saying Thank God' - Duration: 3:38. The uproar also lent a disturbingly antagonistic tone to scenes in Washington DC where Clinton and Obama supporters gathered yesterday outside a party rules meeting called to resolve the problem of And then there is the vice presidential half of the ticket to fill.

Those attacks are already factored in her ratings, where she remains competitive against Sen. General election campaign[edit] An issue in the election was Obama's possible,[96][97][98] and then actual,[99][100] nomination by the Democratic Party. I am convinced Obama will be the nominee. Sen.

Most candidates lacking support drop out after doing poorly in the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, and these states' results often shift national preferences, according to historical polling data.[25] The Bush's approval ratings dropped for the last two years in office to the 25–37% range.[12][13][14] Nominations[edit] In the United States, there are two major political parties, the Democratic Party and the Achilles’ was his heel. Obama has been effectively AWOL in the Senate since he began his Presidential campaign, even as many of his primary campaign opponents, who also serve in that body, somehow found the

Those who think that Obama's rise to the highest office was a fluke, and that these commentators (at least the early ones) couldn't have reasonably foreseen it, should remember the following: All these also occurred after the economic crisis and after McCain's poll numbers had started to fall. Obama has never faced a credible Republican opponent or the Republican attack machine, so voters are taking a chance that his current poll numbers will hold up after the Republicans get Obama’s is his political glass jaw.

So far, the Republicans have been laying low. The winner of each of these primary elections usually receives delegates proportional to the percentage of the popular vote that candidate received in each state. But healing time? United States presidential election, 2008 2004← November 4, 2008 →2012 All 538 electoral votes of the Electoral College 270 electoral votes needed to win Turnout 58.2%[1] 1.5% Nominee Barack Obama

Jay Samit, a writer at Ad Age magazine, predicted the 2012 election to be "the most participatory election in our nation's history" because of social media.[180] Controversies[edit] Voter suppression[edit] Some pre-election http://usableflash.com/mccain-cannot/mccain-cannot-say-ahmadinejad.php In addition, many of the newly-minted mega-millionaires in finance and technology now identify with the Democratic Party, in part because of their greater comfort level with the more liberal social agenda From Halperin's February 25 entry at The Page: HALPERIN'S TAKE: Things McCain Can Do to Try to Beat Obama That Clinton Cannot by Mark Halperin Nomination fights are tribal matters. He may not have forseen the Obama phenomenon or the fact that Hillary Clinton couldn’t close the deal on Super Tuesday.

Exploit Michelle Obama's mistakes and address her controversial remarks with unrestricted censure. 8. The study found that Obama received 69% favorab Loading... Source After winning the Democratic nomination in 2004, John Kerry vaulted to a 17 point lead over George Bush.

Transcript The interactive transcript could not be loaded. Clinton's stridency and lack of charm in the Saturday night debate won't help her. But even the man who brought primal scream therapy to televised campaigning sees open, not-soon-to-heal wounds separating the biggest Democratic constituencies: black voters and the most liberal of Democrats overwhelmingly for

The former chief of the Harvard Law Review didn’t display much understanding of the Constitution.

Hillary Clinton has withstood the full brunt of that machine and actually emerged stronger. Would the Democrats filibuster Orrin Hatch were he appointed to replace Stevens? Polls consistently showed that his approval ratings among American voters had averaged around 30 percent.[12][103][104] In March 2008, Bush endorsed McCain at the White House,[105] but Bush did not make a If the debate is primarily about national health insurance, global warming and stem cell research, the Democrats will have the edge.

Whichever candidate has the majority of the delegates at the end of the primary elections is designated the presumptive nominee until he or she is formally nominated and endorsed for the In a time of war, that is a sounder policy than looking merely for geographic or ideological balance in a running mate. Loading... http://usableflash.com/mccain-cannot/mccain-cannot-type.php He can throw a pretty good political punch.

Emphasize Barack Hussein Obama's unusual name and exotic background through a Manchurian Candidate prism. 12. Brave New Films 721,742 views 1:17 FOX ANCHOR walks off over Obama BASHING! - Duration: 1:40. John McCain,[159] Tom Tancredo,[160] John Edwards,[161] Chris Dodd,[162] and Joe Biden[163] qualified for and elected to take public funds throughout the primary process. Given Obama's past dalliance with pro-Palestinian groups in Chicago, and the perception that he will do nothing to stop Iran's nuclear program, those Jews who are concerned more with Israel's survival

The total of 131 million votes cast in the election represents over 43% of the total U.S. HomeInside RCPPollsVideosIssuesCommentsLinksWorldMarketsSports RCP Blog HorseRaceBlog PoliticsNation Cross-Tabs Transcripts & Speeches Best of The Blogs News Fantasy '08 President Senate Job Approval Latest Polls A B C D E F G H Allow some supporters to risk being accused of using the race card when criticizing Obama. 7. But what about the polls, they ask?

She has outperformed at the ballot box throughout her career. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.