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You either need to set the key_validation_class to UTF8Type or use the utf8() function to convert. share|improve this answer edited Mar 23 '15 at 2:05 Nathan Tuggy 2,27291933 answered Mar 23 '15 at 1:48 Sebastian Salamanca 306 Using validation with utf8('myvalue') actually worked. –Adelin Jul Rでnnetを使って、ニューラルネットワーク 制約つきランダムみたいなテストって、ソフトであ... Try quitting and restarting the cli, after the recreate.

I thought I got Cassandra 1.0 this morning. Show Pavel Yaskevich added a comment - 05/Jul/11 09:53 As you can see from your example this is not a problem with key but rather with column name. Can Trump undo the UN climate change agreement? Type 'quit;' or 'exit;' to quit. [[email protected]] use Keyspace1; Authenticated to keyspace: Keyspace1 [[email protected]] create column family User with comparator = UTF8Type; 5ef4bad0-fb2a-11e0-0000-242d50cf1ffd Waiting for schema agreement... ...

exception format cassandra share|improve this question asked Oct 10 '13 at 4:22 GoldenSugar 33921130 1 what is your CF name?? I Have been very helpful Hide Permalink Igor Yagolnitser added a comment - 05/Jul/11 06:52 apache-cassandra-0.8.1 set Users['user1']['fname']='fname1'; rg.apache.cassandra.db.marshal.MarshalException: cannot parse 'fname' as hex bytes assume Users keys as ascii; no Accept & Close ブログ ログイン ランダム gooアンバサダー募集中!! 記事を書く 検索ウェブこのブログ内で ウィリアムのいたずらの開発日記 ウィリアムのいたずらが、コンピューター関係について、思ったことを好き勝手に書いているブログです。 Cassandraで cannot parse '何とか' as hex bytes の対処法2 2012-01-20 16:49:32|そのほか 昨日の話 Cassandraで cannot parse '何とか' as hex bytes の対処法1 http://blog.goo.ne.jp/xmldtp/e/df3e920452d6c088ee94c833ec95c099 update column family User with column_metadata = [ {column_name: first, validation_class: UTF8Type}, {column_name: last, validation_class: UTF8Type}, {column_name: age, validation_class: UTF8Type, index_type: KEYS} ]; To Add Data To add data we want

Related 5Cassandra = Memory/Encoding-Footprint of Keys (Hash/Bytes[]=>Hex=>UTF16=>Bytes[])1Interfacing cassandra with JDBC getting odd hex4insertion error with cassandra CQL3-Hex Bytes conversion error3Inserting rows in Cassandra table with 3 fields as composite key1why always People Assignee: Pavel Yaskevich Reporter: Cathy Daw Reviewer: Jonathan Ellis Votes: 0 Vote for this issue Watchers: 1 Start watching this issue Dates Created: 18/Apr/11 19:40 Updated: 28/Oct/15 16:17 Resolved: 20/Apr/11 Users or User –abhi Oct 10 '13 at 8:27 Hmmm interesting, I need to check on that.... –GoldenSugar Oct 10 '13 at 14:27 Check the answer: stackoverflow.com/questions/7837820/…. Type 'help;' or '?' for help.

set User['jsmith']['first'] = 'John'; set User['jsmith']['last'] = 'Smith'; set User['jsmith']['age'] = '38'; If you get the error like this cannot parse 'John' as hex bytes, then it likely you either haven't This will set the return type for the first and last name to make them human readable. schemas agree across the cluster [[email protected]] set User['jsmith']['first'] = 'John'; org.apache.cassandra.db.marshal.MarshalException: cannot parse 'jsmith' as hex bytes [[email protected]] cassandra share|improve this question edited Mar 18 '13 at 19:43 p.campbell 56.4k49188272 asked Tired of useless tips?

It's the same on version: Nexus 2.11.0-02 and Nexus 2.11.1-01. schemas agree across the clusterNow if I do..[[email protected]] set Work[1234][name] = scott ;I got this error.org.apache.cassandra.db.marshal.MarshalException: cannot parse 'name'as hex bytesPlease help and suggest.Thanks & RegardsYogesh Kumar reply | permalink Related So use `assume comparator as ;` or re-create your CF with a valid comparator. Show Jonathan Ellis added a comment - 10/May/11 12:47 - edited That is working as designed, if you don't want to use assume you need to add a key_validation_class.

Thanks. weblink Type 'quit;' or 'exit;' to quit. Hide Permalink Bilal Ahmed added a comment - 10/May/11 16:51 Thanks Jonathan! Hide Permalink Pavel Yaskevich added a comment - 20/Apr/11 09:45 The problem was in the getKeyAsBytes method - it wasn't using information provided by cfdef.getKey_validation_class() (only comparator set by 'assume' statement

set User['jsmith']['first'] = 'Jack'; To Get Data Now let's read back the jsmith row to see what it contains: get User['jsmith']; The get command uses API#get_slice To Query Data get User create keyspace Twissandra; Selecting the keyspace to user We must then select our example keyspace as our new context before we can run any queries. So use `assume comparator as ;` or re-create your CF with a valid comparator. Elapsed time: 216 msec(s).

asked 3 years ago viewed 2250 times active 1 year ago Upcoming Events 2016 Community Moderator Election ends Nov 22 Linked 5 Why does cutting and pasting from the Cassandra CLI If you agree to our use of cookies, please close this message and continue to use this site. share|improve this answer answered Jul 9 '15 at 8:31 Adelin 4,134124890 add a comment| up vote -1 down vote Starting the CLI You can start the CLI using the bin/cassandra-cli script I hope this answer helps.

Grokbase › Groups › Cassandra › user › December 2012 FAQ Badges Users Groups [Cassandra-user] cannot parse 'name' as hex bytes Yogesh DhariDec 5, 2012 at 11:15 am Hi all,I am HTMLのAタグ(アンカータグ)でPOST型で値を渡したい 「東ロボくん」 東大断念 Windowsで、TeXをやりたいんですけど・・その1:... 現在のソフト業界をあらわしたもの 仕様書がない時の結合テストのための単体テストの方法 データベースで使う「マスタ」って言葉の概念って... How do I solve this issue?

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Ballpark salary equivalent today of "healthcare benefits" in the US? see comment. Use "assume" command to apply client side validation with utf8. [[email protected]] help assume;assume comparator as ;assume sub_comparator as ;assume validator as ;assume keys as ;Assume one of Try quitting and restarting the cli, after the recreate.

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Regards, Bilal Sent from my iPhone Show Bilal Ahmed added a comment - 10/May/11 16:51 Thanks Jonathan! Keys are now treated as hex bytes by default, so you need: set User[utf8('jsmith')]['first'] = 'John'; or do: assume User keys as utf8; set User['jsmith']['first'] = 'John'; Or, as the note Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Cassadra: Cannot parase as hex bytes: MarshallException up vote 2 down vote favorite I was trying my first 'Helloworld' application in Why can issuing the same command create more output in tty than in pts/gnome-terminal?

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